Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My glitter is not going on smoothly like I’ve seen in the videos. It seems to ball up or flake.

A: This is the most commonly asked question, yet has the simplest remedy. Not having enough Liquid Sugar on your brush prior to dipping into the glitter causes flaking and/or balling. You want your brush fully wet with the adhesive, not dripping, but saturated. Next, lightly touch the glitter with your brush. The wet brush will pick up the glitter and mix both products together before use them. You are now ready to apply the glitter, however you would like, to your eye or lip.

Q: Sometimes my glitter flakes after hours of wearing it.


  1. If during application, you aren’t using enough Liquid Sugar, the glitter can start to flake. To prevent this from happening, simply re-wet your brush with the Liquid Sugar after application is complete, and run the brush over the glitter applied to your skin. This will seal in the glitter, making it very long lasting.
  2. Sometimes new users of our product use far too much glitter during the application process. The secret to applying this product correctly is to use more Liquid Sugar and less glitter. You do not need very much glitter to achieve the beautiful shine you see in photos, demonstrated and/or online.

Q: Why do some glitters not go on solid?

A: You probably are using a glitter with labeled with an ‘S’. This stands for sugars, which means they are sheer. These glitters are meant to go on very sparse over shadows or liners. This look is gorgeous and will add a beautiful pop to your make up. For more information on our different glitter cuts, please see the description under that product under our ‘store’ tab.


Dark eyeliner is necessary to apply under deeper colored glitters. You will use less glitter, lessen the likely hood of flaking, and avoid having your eyelid show through. You will see incredible results with more sparkle and shine! White eyeliner is an excellent base underneath brighter color choices and results in eye popping color.

When using the Sugars ( ‘S’ or translucent glitters), try to match an eye shadow before applying. Use more liquid and less glitter and apply a sparse layer quickly over the eyelid.This is an amazing look!

Applying mascara after the glitter application works best.