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Eye Kandy Shadows


Eye Kandy Shadows are a smooth and creamy pressed powder for dry application that blends well, while feeling silky soft on the skin and providing excellent durability on the eyelids.

Eye Kandy Sprinkles


Eye Kandy Sprinkles are a high-end, pure cosmetic glitter that is completely safe for the eyes and is available in over sixty brilliant colors.

Get Your Kandy Bag!


The Eye Kandy Kandy Bag is the place to start. This Kandy kit includes everything you need to begin your Eye Kandy collection! Pick up one or two today!

Like the mighty Phoenix rising from the ashes, so Eye Kandy Cosmetics rose from the glitter fall out. Sound a bit dramatic? We don't think so. In fact, we believe anyone who tried glitter cosmetics before Eye Kandy would agree. Patting on gels, glue, even water, to have glitter end up all over your face and attire is not anyone's desired result when trying to achieve a beautiful finished look. The problem did not lay with the glitter, but in the application process. Glitter requires, above all else, absolute control without the absolute mess. Eye Kandy saw the need and Eye Kandy created the solution. The literal solution! Welcome Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar adhesive base. By dipping your makeup brush into the Liquid Sugar and then into Sprinkles Glitter, the two products 'marry' on the brush. The glitter can then be applied like any liquid liner. Full control is maintained while having the ability to create subtle or bold looks, and everything in between.

Above all else, is the amazing, all day endurance Liquid Sugar offers. The glitter stays in place, and you never end up with glitter anywhere except where you intended it to be. Eye Kandy has revolutionized the art of glitter makeup, incorporating the best glitter product into mainstream cosmetics. Those who once cringed at getting their glitter on professionally, while keeping it off of everything else, have now made Eye Kandy Cosmetics a staple in makeup collections! Glitter is a pure, high end cosmetic glitter and contains no metals or glass. It is made of Polyester Plastic and color and is safe for sensitive skin and contact lenses. Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar is water based and also safe for sensitive skin and contact lenses. This product is safe for every age. Customers range from small children to seniors! Glitter can be worn bolder for a more intense look or subtle for a daytime or office look. Our secret is our stay put base. Once glitter is applied with Liquid Sugar, it will stay on all day! No flaking! This product has a unique application method that endures like no other product available! Sprinkles glitter is an excellent product for dance troops, cheerleaders, stage performers, etc, as well as for everyday for every woman. It can be applied as a liner or all over the eye for a more intense and noticeable look. We offer a variety of bright and bold colors. Glitter can be worn as an all over body shimmer. After applying lotion or moisturizer to your skin, lightly dip a powder brush into a pod of glitter and dust over your body. Brilliant shimmer! Glitter looks AMAZING worn over lipstick. Use a thicker lip brush, dip into base, then into glitter and brush over lips. Allow to dry before touching lips together. Get creative! Glitter is fun! Use more than one color. Wear it above and below the eye. Wear it as a liner or as a shadow. Experiment and have fun! We guarantee you will love your look!

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