Eye Kandy Kandy Bag

The Eye Kandy Kandy Bag is the place to start. This Kandy kit includes everything you need to begin your Eye Kandy collection! The Kandy Bag includes: one small pink applicator brush, 1oz Liquid Sugar and one Sprinkles Glitter or Mineral color of your choice.


Eye Kandy Sprinkles

Eye Kandy Sprinkles are a high-end, pure cosmetic glitter that is completely safe for the eyes and is available in sixty brilliant colors.

Unlike craft glitters, which may contain glass and can cause severe damage to the eye and irritate the skin, our glitter is specifically designed for cosmetic purposes. Our Sprinkles colors are made from an acrylic polymer (plastic) and do not contain metals or glass. This makes them completely safe for sensitive skin and contact lenses. The glitter will not scratch or harm the eye, nor will it irritate the skin.

Our products are produced and manufactured in the USA. None of our products are tested on animals.

We offer two cuts of glitter in our solid liners.

Superfine – The first, and by far our most popular due to the ease of applying, is our SF. The grain size of this glitter is our smallest, ranging in size from a .004 x .004 to a .006 x .006. This size of glitter does not offer as much sparkle, so tends to be less dramatic, but is still brilliant and stunning to wear. It is a great cut for a day or ‘office’ look and works beautifully as an all over eye shadow and lip shimmer.

Fine – Our second cut is F. This is our largest grain at .006 x .006 to a .008 x .008. This size glitter picks up the most light, and, therefore, is definitely the most flashy and exciting to wear! This size tends to be more popular with the performing crowd. It shines and sparkles and offers all the ‘bling’ you need! This is a great cut for a bright, bold and fun look.

Our final glitter selection is our Sugars

Sugars – The Sugars are also a .008 x .008 grain size. However, the sugars are not solid colors. This type of glitter is a translucent, iridescent plastic grain which offers a hint of color. The Sugars are very difficult to use as liners and are actually intended to transform the eyelid or desired area of skin into a glitter. The Sugars are also incredible for stage performers, but look beautiful and are fun to wear as an everyday eye shadow.

Liquid Sugar

Our Liquid Sugar adhesive base is the foundation of Eye Kandy Cosmetics. Liquid Sugar is a versatile adhesive that bonds loose product such as glitter, micas (powders), etc, to the eyelid or around the eye, or to any area of skin. Liquid Sugar prevents flaking, smudging or creasing. It is an amazing base product that will keep your cosmetics from rubbing off or losing color. Liquid Sugar is water based and, therefore, also completely safe for sensitive skin and contact lenses.

(If the base seeps into the eye, you may feel a slight stinging, but it will not cause any damage. A cotton swab or tissue should be sufficient to dab your eye and relieve the sting. Use this method to remove glitter from your eye, as well. It is a tidier and effective alternative to flushing with water.)